Morag Mackell

I have had dogs all my life, except for a gap of 6 weeks when we were waiting for a new Deerhound puppy. It started with Cairns as a child, then a cocker and a Yorkshire Terrier which were my Mum’s choice! I started going to Training classes in Inverness, found I loved it and the rest is history. This was in the days of Barbara Woodhouse, her methods are now frowned upon but, whatever your opinion, it encouraged people to engage with their dogs and take part in activities.
My first experience of Showing was with an English Springer, he was a lovely boy and we did very well with him. After some years , after my children were at a reasonable age, I got my first Saluki and this fulfilled an ambition to have one that started when I was 14. I have since had four, all bitches and all from the same Breeding, in fact our present one is about 6 generations on from the first. We have also had a Deerhound bitch, baby sat our daughter’s whippets and, now, her Deerhound Boy.
I love puppies of whatever breed . I hope that many years of experience with my own dogs and what must now be hundreds of puppies has enabled me to help owners with their little ones.
If we get a new breed in the puppy classes, I find out as much as I can from either a Breed Club or a responsible Breeder, as, although the Puppy course is quite basic, breeds differ, and I feel it is important to have some knowledge so that we can give the best advice possible.

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