Jackie MacDonald

I have had dogs in my life for as long as I can remember, my parents had a border collie called Shep from working lines when I was growing up, after we lost him I used to take my aunties rough collie to dog club where we did obedience, we won the regional heats & had to go compete in Edinburgh (can’t remember how we got on).

I bought my 1st border collie called Roy back in 1986 and started showing him, I didn’t get to many shows as I had a Saturday job, I was lucky to have Heather Turner here to help, she used to take him & show him for me & he won 1sts at many shows. I used to do obedience & agility with him which he loved. I lost him on 6th June 2003, the same day Milo was born & I knew I just had to have him, we enjoyed obedience, agility & flyball, he was a gentle giant, about 2 years later Oden joined us, he was the cleverest dog I’ve ever had, you could show him something once & he had it, he enjoyed agility, flyball & obedience.

I agreed to help Irene to instruct the agility classes. I then started instructing flyball & helping out in the gold medal obedience classes which I did for a few years. We used to do agility & flyball demonstrations at various agricultural shows through the summer which was good fun.

My next dog was a blue merle border collie called Orla, she loved flyball but didn’t do it very often as she doesn’t enjoy the company of dogs she doesn’t know, Orla had a litter of 4 pups & I was allowed to keep Suri, Suri has been shown since she was 6 months old, she has won many awards & loves her time in the show ring she has been placed 78 times at 71 shows, including best puppy’s, CC & RCC’s, she has her stud book number & is qualified for crufts for life. She also loves flyball & has had a go of agility which she loved also.

Next dog I got is Suni, my blonde bombshell lol, he has been shown lightly but mostly enjoys being a pet. I decided to give up instructing agility & obedience as I felt it wasn’t fair on my dogs as I was out more nights spending time with other people’s dogs than my own, I do still miss it sometimes but my dogs prefer to have me at home. Orla had a 2nd litter & I kept Maddison & Tyler from this litter, they are both shown & have won various classes. The dogs I currently have are Oden 11, Orla 9, Suri 7, Suni 6, Maddison 4 & Tyler 4.

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