The club has a library of books available to borrow.  Please ask your instructor for recommendations.

Newly added…

Manners Not Mayhem
Lez Graham, 2018, Braidwood Books

Social Civil and Savvy
Laura VanArendonk Baugh, 2017, Aeclipse Press

Beyond Squeaky Toys
Nicole Nicassio-Hiskey & Cinthia Alia Mitchell,2013, Smart Pets Press

Stop! How to Control Predatory Chasing in Dogs
David Ryan, 2009

Chase! Managing Your Dog’s Predatory Instinct
Clarissa Reinhardt, 2010 Dogwise Publishing

Exercising Your Puppy
Julia Robertson, 2011

Brain Games for Dogs
Claire Arrowsmith, 2010 Interpet Publishing

The Perfect Puppy
Gwen Bailey,  2008 Octopus Books

The Other End of the Leash
Patricia McConnell,  2002 Random House Publishing

Don’t Shoot the Dog
Karen Pryor,  2009 Ringpress Books

Rhodes 2 Recovery…doggy style
Kerry Rhodes,  2013

Gwen Bailey,  Choosing the Right Puppy for You 2004 Hamlyn Octopus Books
Juliet Clutton-Brook, DOG- Discover the world of dogs- their natural behaviour and domestication 1991
John Cree,  All About Training the Family Dog 1984 Pelham books
Juliette Cunliffe,  Show Training for you and your dog 1991 popular dogs publishing
Jan Ellen,  How to Get Started in Obedience Competition 1998 Pembrokeshire and Canine Press
Jan Fennell  Dog listener 2010 Harper Collins
John Gordon,  miniature schnauzers 1966 Foyles Handbook
Loyd Grossman,  The Dog’s Tale, History of Man’s Best Friend 1993 BBC books
Capt Haggerty,  How to talk to your dog 2001 John Blake publishing
Derek Hall,  The Ultimate Guide to Dog Breeds 2002 Regency House Publishing
John Holmes,  The Obedient dog 1975 popular Dogs Publishing
John Holmes,  The Family Dog its choice and training 1957 popular dogs publishing
Peter Lewis,  The Agility dog 1981 canine publications
Peter Lewis,  The flyball manual 1991 canine publications
Jackie Marriot,  The Right way to keep dogs 2001 Elliot right way
Lonnie Morgan,  Flyball dog sport for everyone 1987
Mollie Mulvany,  All about obedience training 1973 Pelham books
Peter Neville,  Do Dogs Need Shrinks 1991 Sidgwick &Jackson
Len Pearce,  Have Pencil, Will Judge 1996 Pembrokeshire and Canine Press
Pissano and Lewis miniature schnauzers 1994 TFH publications
Mary Ray,  Dancing with dogs 2006 octopus publishing
John Rogerson,  Your dog 1988 popular dogs publishing
John Rogerston,  Understanding Your Dog 1991 popular Dogs Publishing
Shchlegl-Kofler Your Puppy 1998 Barrons
Shapes Nose to Tail Guide for Dogs 1996 Spillers Petfoods
Shapes Keeping your Dog’s Health in Good Shape 1996 Spillers Petfoods
Shapes Shaping Your Dog’s Training 1996 Spillers Petfoods
Sherleys The complete book of dog care Sherleys
Karina Smith,  The obedience competition dog 1984 canine publications
David Taylor,  You and your dog 1987 Dorling Kindersley
White and Evans The Doglopedia a complete guide to dog care 1985 henston
White and Kay How to have well mannered dog 1983 Paperfronts
Angela White  Happy Dogs…Happy Winners 1994 Rainbow Publishing
Barbara Woodhouse,  Almost Human 1976


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