Instructors – Jackie MacDonald (07795199056)


Flyball is great fun for all dogs; any breed, any size.

Dogs must be 1 year old or more.

£3.00 per dog.

Contact Jackie for more information and directions to the venue

Classes will be held on Wednesday’s at North Ballachulish at 6.30pm (starting time may vary)
As this is an outdoors venue classes run between April to September to allow for adequate daylight.
Classes may also be weather dependent so please check, and make sure to wear appropriate clothing and footwear.

Flyball is a competitive team sport which is run on a knockout basis. Flyball is a fun and energetic sport your dog will love.

Two teams of four dogs compete at the same time, each using a parallel ‘racing lane’ down which each dog in turn runs, clearing four hurdles in succession before triggering a pedal on the Flyball box.

A tennis ball is then released which the dog must hold before returning over the hurdles to the start line. The first team to have its fourth dog across the finish line, with any part of the dog’s body, wins the race. Each dog must cross the finish line before the next dog can start, and handlers aim to launch their dog so that it will cross with a returning dog just at the line.


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