Companion Class

Instructor – Christine Cameron

The companion dog training class is for dogs at all levels of training from beginners to more experienced levels of obedience. All training is done to suit the dog and handlers needs, the class is based on using positive training methods and high rewards ie sausage, chicken, cheese or your dog’s favourite toy but most of all it is about having fun with your dog while you train.
The exercises are based on a building your dog’s confidence whether you are training loose lead walking, recalls, stays or socializing, we use hoops, toys, mats and a tunnel and we work with distractions which will help for those wishing to go on and do agility, flyball or any other dog related sport, the programme varies from week to week to suit the dogs /handlers attending. We also include target work, shaping behaviours, an introduction to clicker training and helping to extinguish unwanted behaviour. There will be time at the end of the class for the handler to discuss that any problems they are experiencing.
There is no testing in the class as each dog and handler is working at their own pace, we do however give out rosettes periodically for example, best lead walking, and best stay, best trick or the most improved dog /handler.
Please bring your dog’s favourite toy, a small mat or an old towel and lots of nice treats.

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