Puppy Class 1st May

Instructor – Sarah Holroyd

You MUST speak to the Morag Mackell  to book your place,
via facebook or by phone on 772 369 or by email puppyclass@lochaberanddistrictcaninesociety.com

All puppy classes will have to be pre-booked and paid for in advance.  £18 for a course of 6 weeks.

Please en sure that you register and pay in advance of your course starting, this will reduce the time spent each evening on arrival and allow the class to start on time.

There will be a maximum of 8 puppies on each course.

Club Membership is also required to be paid for attending any classes:

£10 Single membership (one handler)
£15 Joint membership (two handler’s resident at the same address)
£20 Family membership (more than two handlers resident at the same address)
£100 Life membership
The membership year starts in January and covers all club activities. Please note it is the handler and not the dog who is the club member. Anyone handling a dog at the club must be a club member.

Please use a standard collar and lead when at classes as flexi leads are not permitted.

It is very important that puppies start their training as early as possible, this is a vital time for influencing a dogs future behaviour.

Do begin simple training the day that the puppy arrives in your home. Provide it with:

a well fitting collar
a private place to sleep
a designated play area, and
suitable toys (these toys belong to you, the pack leader, and should not be left lying around).
Your pup’s mind is most open to new experiences when it is under 12 weeks old. The more it experiences now – children, other animals, traffic, people (the list is endless) the more it will take these things for granted.

Do you have the right details on your dog’s tag? The Control of Dogs Order 1992 states that ‘any dog in a public place should wear the name, address and Postcode of the owner either inscribed on the collar or a name plate or disc attached to it’.  It is also advisable to have a phone number on the other side. Putting your mobile number on might be best as if you are out looking for your dog you will not be at home to answer your home phone. It is not necessary to have your dog’s name on the tag. If you attend the Good Citizen Puppy Class you must have the correct details on your dogs tag. From the 6th of April 2016 it is also a legal requirement to have all dogs micro chipped regardless of age.

ID tag requirements

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